Installing a new disk in a blue ring device

Hello one and all. And thank you in advance for any help.

I have 2 1tb MBWE’s.  One drive has gone to HDD heaven.  Sooooooo, I purchased a new 1tb drive (WD, Black)  schlepped it in. Needless to say, the drive did not work. I had hoped that the unit would somehow have the necessary utilities in the BIOS to set the new drive up. WHY I thought that can only be ascribed to wishful thinking. I’m not sure that such a design would even be useful.

So, I am appealing to those in the community for help.  I have removed the working drive an placed it into another computer I have and tried every disk copy/mirroring software I own. Nada. I’ve tried Acronis software (Hey, it works well on W& & XP stuff…)

So, to re-iterate, HELP.

Thank you one and all.

I have a 1TB MBW (blue ring), and it had been locking every couple days lately.  Well it has now decided to not boot up at all.  I would like to pull the hard drive out of it and move the data to a new drive.  How do I open it up?  Since you put a new drive in yours, can you tell me how to open it up?

You have to look carefully on the nd bottom of the top and bottomof the unit. (where all the vent holes are).  When you look at the top, for instance, look to the side where the blue rings are. Look into the vent holes nd you will see a section that seems blocked.  On mine it is 2 ‘rows’ downfrom the top, and 3 ‘rows’ up from the bottom. there are 4 small holes and 2 rectangular holes blocked. On the other side of the unit it is the ‘bottom’ two rows with 5 small squares and 2 long rectangles.

Take a special tool known as a large ppress down thru the aperclip or a small flat blade screwdriver and gently  press down thru one of  the ‘blocked’ rectangular holes.  Pull the center part of the unit  back (defining blue ring sideas the front of the cover)slightly, then repeat for the other sidewhilekeeping the 1st side from relatching.

Hard todescribe, sorry.