Installing a different size 2nd hard disk in My Cloud EX2

First of all I have a question which is not very clear to me… i have checked plenty of websites and forums but I can not get a firm answer…

  1. What is the maximum size hard drive which can be installed in EX2?

  2. I already have a 4TB installed in my EX2 Can I install a different size hard drive in it… I am not going to use Raid configuration so it should not be an issue… and more specifically Can I install a 6TB to go with 4TB?

Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:

Since there is a market model 12TB, so no problem to use 6TB HDD, I think.

thank you Sir…

thats where i was confused i saw the market models of 12TB and 16TB and i saw in one of specification document that max size can be 8TB (2*4TB)… so unless that one is some old model … I dont know for sure :expressionless:

and I think installing a different size should be ok

I have an 8TB in mine. 2 of them require a larger power supply, luckily I had one lying around. I put the other 8TB in a different server for now. I bought mine as a diskless.

I put a 6TB Red in it when I bought it before I bought the 8TB drives. Worked fine. No larger power supply needed with the 6TB drives, only the 8’s.

Ironically, I think my 6TB bit the dust today. Threw up an error during a Wd DlDiag test this morning.

Thanks a lot. That really helped. So I guess I will put in a 8TB to go with my 4TB :)… and Power should not be an issue :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t think so, but don’t quote me on that.

Mine ran fine with the 2 8TB drives & stock power supply until the last firmware update. They modified the fan settings to be more like the old EX2 so now the fan doesn’t come on until things are nice & warm. They tried to tell me it was the power supply & to go buy a higher wattage one. Swapped out the power supply & no difference. Pulled the 8TB drives & put a 6TB drive in it & there was still no difference. So they had to have changed the fan profile & set the temp for fan startup higher.

The 8TB drives run cooler so the fan doesn’t come on much.