Installing 3rd Party Apps to recover deleted files

Hi all, last night I very foolishly deleted a folder with about 168 files in t from my WDMyCloud EX4.
I was also dumb enough to not have the recycle bin turned on!

I contacted a software company that provides an undelete app but they say I’ll have to install the app directly on my NAS.

Is this true? Can it be done and will I be able to uninstall the app afterward leaving the nice and clean with no dead install files?



I recommend you contact one of WD’s recommended data recovery companies.

No, this isn’t data worth several thousand dollars to recover.

What software does WD recommend to recover deleted files from a NAS?


Did you have any luck? I too have foolishly accidently deleted about 100 pics from a folder. I have a wd mycloud 6tb. Not sure what the 2ex and 4ex means. I have been trying to access via putty and testdisk through ssh, again no luck.

Nope, never did recover the files.
Funny thing is I totally forgot about it until you posted this message which makes me wonder how important the files were in the first place :slight_smile:

My new approach is slightly OCD minimalist…keep only what is absolutely necessary and delete the rest.

It’s amazing what we think we need but don’t actually “need”. I sure don’t need 12Tb of storage to keep anything.
I’m paring it down to just photos, home vids and biz docs that the gov says I have to keep.

Good luck with your recovery!