Installing 3rd party apps at WD Sentinel DX4000

Hi all,

I have recently purchased a WD Sentinel DX4000, 4TB, and it is my main backup server for my small business. I left my cloud storage service on behalf of the DX4000 for a few reasons.

But I don’t trust luck that much, and I can help to think that my unit could be stolen, burned, dropped or whatever that would make me lose information, which I can’t. So I am thinking of a disaster recovery plan, and thinking of using the cloud.

Now to the questions: 

Can I install google drive at WD Sentinel directly?

If yes, Can I create an automatic routine for backing everything up to google cloud on, lets say, weekly basis?

Any suggestions to also make this smarter I would appreciate.

Thank you

Most anything that will run on Server 2008 R2 will also install and run fine on the Sentinel.

When it comes to the backup shcedule it depends on your software of choice. You will not be able to utilize the built-in Windows Server Backup due to the 2TB limit, but I’m assuming you’ll be using a 3rd-party solution to backup to Google Drive anyway.


Will be using the actual Google Drive software, I am expecting to run at these configurations. Does anyone have any experiences with softwares installed on it?

I know Atom is not a powerhouse processor, but since I would be only running once a week, and when there is nobody left at the office, my guess is that would do the work.

I have no clue/expirence with google drive, but I would look at for a comparision.  they have a 30 day trial.  The Home Server version worked fine in my trial.  Advantage is you can either send data to the cloud of your choice or to a network share.  Either local or VPN (Himachi)

OK, thanks for the that, I will give it a try for sure.