Installed Intel RST in order to expand RAID, can I re-install original RAID software?

As the title states, I installed Intel RST software in order to expand the RAID in my DX4000. The unit is second hand and I did not have the proper drives. I have gone through all the measures to get it up and running with 4x500GB drives of varying manufacture as this is just a hobby/home use device for me.

The problem with the Intel RAID software is the fan blows at max speed all the time. I loaded SpeedFan and tried to configure it to control the speed but the software is very confusing and I had no luck. I also found some references to some WD software (SIOUTIL) that is found on the DX4000 that allows you to change fan speed, but it did not seem to work.

My other thoughts were to buy an inline fan speed controller and rig it up somehow, or find a quieter fan… Then I figured I’d ask if I could simply remove the Intel software and go back to the WD RAID software now that everything is up and running.

Any thoughts on this?


This may be helpful