Installed Firmware Update - DLNA Still Not Fixed

Installed the update and let it rescan music files etc.   From a Marantz NA7004 or ANY other stereo component still cannot see music files.   The same components have no problem seeing and working with  the Twonky Server within my 3TB MyBookLive.   Apparently can still not “talk to” the DLNA server.   From within the Duo GUI I can see the NA7004 is being recognized.

How many shares do you have (have you created any new ones)?

How many music files do you have?

I have not created any new shares.  I have all music files within the Shared Music folder.   I have a total of 1018 music files consisting of some FLAC, Lots of WAV and a few AAC.  I see NONE.

I looked at the Marantz DLNA certification and what I see is that they only support LPCM, MP3 and WMA. I am wondering if that is why you are not seeing the files. Can you try adding some MP3 files and see if they show up.

The Marantz supports FLAC, WAV and AAC just fine.  It works from the MyBookLive 3TB drive Twonky server just fine.  

I just copied over a folder of MP3 only and still cannot see those either.   It appears that the Marantz cannot “talk” with it.  When I select MyBookLiveDuo on its front panel nothing happens.   NA7004 appears unblocked in the Duo GUI.

On my PS3 I can see all the files but of course can play only the WAV per its design.  So that seems to be working.

The Marantz, Harman Kardon , Onkyo etc, can just not communicate with it at all and get nothing back when Duo is selected.  No response at all.  No folder structure comes back.

@jw100 just try rescanning your media from the dashboard. maybe more files pop up. Out of my 3 tb out of max 4tb used

 it was just showing 40 pics 100 odd music files and 30 odd videos. I realized the deeper the files from the root directory the more time it takes to rescan and might take hours before u get the full list.

I am constanty able to see more and more files on my PS3. Not sure about the other devices.

What type of computer are you using and what OS? I am assuming you have a home network set up, are the maranrz, harman kardon, and onkyo stereos able to see the files on your home computer? Are the stereos connected to the same router as MBLD?

All the stereo equipment can see files on my other drive, A MyBookLive 3TB unit with latest firmware, and work great.  They can see files on my Win 7 64 bit machine and so on.  Everything works great except the Duo, which they cannot talk to apparently.   Everything is connected via Gigabit Ethernet. 

I also have only one router.

Can you see the MBL Duo and the files on it through Windows Media Player?

Have you tried pluggin the MBLD directly into the stereo via the ethernet port? To be honest, the drive sounds defective, you should return it for a replacement.

I can see all the files from within Windows Media Player and from my PS3.   Using Windows media player I can see the MP3s and play OK.  It sees the WAV files but does not allow me to play them.  PS 3 will allow me to p[lay the WAV files.

The drive has passed diagnostic tests.  Every other function on it works excellent.

Clearly the problem is within the DLNA server design on the MYBook Duo.

Is there any was WD could scrap it and put in the same DLNA that is within MyBookLive 3 TB?   It works fine with everything.

The drive is definetly OK hardware wise.  And since my stereo components can communicate fine with DLNA on the MyBookLive 3TB there is nothing wrong with the network or components.

If anyone is able to get the DUO to work OK with external stereo equipment please post your results.

While i do not have a network equipted stereo, i have a PS3, a Sony TV WiFi enabled and a Sony media player. I am able to access and play all files on the MBLD using any of these equiptment. Have about 2000 mp3, 700GB of video all avi and countless pictures. How do you access files on the 3TB drive using the stereo? Am thinking this has to work in conjunction with the TV. Also, do you have uPNP enabled on the router?

It works fine with my PS3 also except for the FLAC files which it is not capable of playing.  It works fine with Windows Media Player also.  I initially thought WMP would not play WAV but it seems to be now.  I might have mixed up with FLAC which WMP cannot play anyhow.   Stereo components are connected vi aEthernet to the home network and can see any DLNA Server on that network.  My components can all see the DUO DLNA, they just don’t appear to be able to access it.  Each available DLNA server appears listed on the front panel while in Music Server mode.   One should be able to select the server and see a folder with Music in it.  For the DUO server I can not even get back a folder tree.

Are you able to use WD media server as a stand alone?

COz on my PS3 the WD nedia server does not show at all. I have to switch on my laptop and access media through the WMP or serviio. I have tried scanning for MS on the PS3 to no avail.

Though i have found a workaround .Reboot the NAS with the PS3 on and tada… u see the WDMS. But  I am sure this is not the correct way…

… DLNA still not working with Denon Receivers, e.g… AVR-2312. Month of waiting for an update  were useless…

I’m very angry now, because obviously WD was avoiding Twonky on Duo to lower their license costs and let lot of users standing in the rain with that new c**p. And, what is worst, gives no possibility to go back to Twonky.