A few years ago, installing a new HD (of any kind), was a fifteen minute process. How did all of you geniuses manage to take us back 20 years when it comes to Hardware Upgrades? I will not recommend your product to anyone! I’m retuning this piece of ■■■■ 1TB WD SSD 3D Nano back to Best Buy tomorrow. I’m Junking my PC, and buying a new iMac. I can’t understand why people keep buying into the scam riddled PC market? Sure Mac is more expensive, but at least they “Genuinely” back their products. With PCs, you have to hunt down the several entities involved in building their products down to the transistor because no one wants to accept accountability for their portion of any failures. Thus creating a market that completely unfair to the consumer.

So…you’re blaming WD because you can’t install a SSD in 15 minutes? Maybe you need an instruction manual because I changed mine in a Laptop in less than 5 minutes. In my desktop it took a little longer because I had to disconnect all the stuff from it, done in 10 minutes.

Well Merry Christmas to you too!