Installation with wireless extender (solved)

Hello, i am considering buying the EX2 Ultra NAS, i have downloaded the instructions and read them. I can’t move the router or run ethernet cable where i live so ,i can’t plug directly into my router. I have a wireless extender with an ethernet port ,could i still operate the NAS that way? Any info would be greatly appreciated as i would like to know before i invested the money.Thank You vey Much.

Hi @bestrafer45,

Please refer to the below link to map the device:

huh. . . what an unhelpful answer.

So - - -you should be able to plug into a wireless extender with no real issue.

Bear in mind that data transmission rates on an extender are roughly 1/2 the base station capability (because. . .of the repeater aspect).

Another option is a powerline ethernet adapter. I use a 1gb powerline adapter for a hometheater (which has a wired ethernet connection, but not a wireless connection)

Thank you very much for your help, i figured i would lose a little bandwidth doing it that way but, at present that is what i am stuck with.thank you again for your help.