Installation Problem

Hi all, first sorry for the bad English.

I have installed the latest software WD My Book World Edition for Windows. I can start the program and see the buttons but there’s no text in the buttons.

The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate (Dutch) 64 bits.

The drive is connected to my network and accessible.

If someone knew anything abouth this, help is welcome.

Greetings, Theo 

Hi there, you can try to install the drive manually is you click on start and then type [\mybookworld](file://%5C%5Cmybookworld) on the search bar.

You can also download the software again from here.

Hope it helps.!


I had the same problem.

I have Windows Vista 32-it English.

I managed to get everything installed because I just went on to the CD and ran various (I didn’t document them…) setups manually. But it bugged me that the install wouldn’t work in the normal way, so I pursued the issue.

I called support and both level 1 and level 2 support said it was a faulty CD.

So I downloaded the install image from the download site and had the same problem.

So next, I shared my PC CD drive and ran install from a laptop, and no problem there.

It’s definitely something on the PC, but I have no idea what it is.

I’m just posting this in hopes that it can narrow down the possibilities for other more expert people.

You’re not alone.  Windows 7 64 bit.  First run it got to the point where it’s supposed to say what my drive is, and what the next step is, but it couldn’t find my drive.  So I tried to run install again.  Now the CD drive just clicks when I click the screen where it lists the install options 1/2/3.  Going to try downloading the CD to burn.  Was really excited.  Not impressed at all so far.

attempted reinstall from new burnt CD.  All the text boxes are blank.  Maybe I missed this a few times in the install guides, I was attempting to connect wireless.  I physically plugged my laptop into the router and can now see the drive.  Went through some of the install, but now it times out on the configure screen after I setup a password for the admin. 

So if you can’t see the text in the boxes, click the top box.  That should install a link on the desktop and run it for you.  Apparently make sure you’re physically connected to the router to see the drive.  That’s as far as I got :slight_smile:

Thanks AvsFan,

But none of your suggestions solves the problem of no text in the boxes :robotsad:

Guys, try to install the drive manually as I explained earlier. The CD is NOT needed AT ALL.