Installation problem

So I have a Mybook for my Macbook Pro that I am trying to set up and it doesn’t seem to be installing the software necessary to use. I attempted to partition it, after I tried to use Disk Utility to see if I could repair the drive, which told me it wasn’t repairable. Any help would be appreciated.


It is not necessary to install any software in order to use this drive with your computer. If the drive is not seen on the desktop but it is seen in disk utility it may be possible that the partition is corrupted and you will have to format it in order to use it.Also make sure the drive is plugged in directly into a wall outlet.

Thanks, it appears after partitioning, it reformatted and is currently backing up. However, it only backs up about 170 GB of my data, and everytime I drag and drop anything into the HD it alerts me that the operation failed, and then it tells me there is an error code -50. Also, I’m unable to make any new folders in the HD. Any reason for this?