Installation problem with MyBook Essential 1TB

I have tried to install WD SmartWare to a Windows XP v2002 computer. Installaton seemed to run fine until the status field showed “starting services”. Then after 20second thinking, it said: “rolling back action” and “setup wizard ended prematurely”. (I started installation from WD SmartWare library, using the (x86) setup file.

Does this problem has anything to do with:

a) my computer is partitioned in 2 sections

b) my computer may not have flash plugin

c) my computer runs an older XP version and has no internet connection (no updates since it was first set up - i use this for file storage only…)

d) other?

I appreciate any useful inputs.

Thanks, A.

It’s probably missing tthe drivers it needs. Windows probably needs to be updated. Try downloading SP3 on another PC This is a stand alone version ignore the thing about updating one computer. See fi that helps. If this is a hacked version it may detect it.


Joe, thanks. Indeed, i had to install 3.1 version of Windows Installer. Thanx! 

Another question you may know the answer to. Can i simply run backup of 2 different PCs to the same MyBook? Do i need to watch out for anything special in doing so (e.g. specifying to different back-up sources…)?

Thx, A.