Installation of MBL 2Tb using CD - MBL not found?

Hi All

I purchased My Book Live yesterday and have tried to install the device. I am using a DSL2730B modem router. During installation process it says MBL was not found

I have a constant amber light on the back of the device and green light is flashing. Tried to establish a direct connection via: http://mybooklive and the page wont load???

“MyBookLive” is the default name of the drive so it should show up after typing http://mybooklive directly into a web browser address bar.  Use the computer OS  to see if it shows up in your network alongside your computer and other equipment on the LAN. You can check the properties to get the IP address assigned to it.  Alternatively your router admin pages may show up the IP addresses of clients attached to your network via DHCP.

It may be that the Dashboard has gone completely awol like mine.  Even so you should be able to get at the files and folder structure on the drive try opening a filer/explorer window for whatever OS you are using and type   \mybooklive\Public  as the path.  That should reveal the contents of the public folder on the drive