Installation Disk 2TB WD20EARS

The Model Number is not displayed by Bios nor by WD Data Lifeguard Diags.

After format, WD Align find a ''Not a Western Digital Advanced Format Disk ‘’

When I tray to go in Manual Bios Setup at the boot, the PC hang.

What to do to align the disk ??

This disk is already a replacement disk.

And more, the reseller is not efficient. I order the first disk the 11th November, return it to the reseller, he give it me back after one week without be able to run WD diags and tell me ‘the disk is perfect’ (the format command return message was ‘The format did not complete successfully’. The write zero diag hang at about 70%). I have to do all the tests and print them. Then the reseller was agree to ask for replacement and I have received it 2 days ago (six weeks for a replacement!!!). I cannot imagine to return to this shop and wait another 6 weeks. I do Video Production.

When you ask a question to WD site, they did not read the question, a computer answer something like ‘‘Read FAQ’’  !!!

And more.

I was not able to ask myself directly to WD for replacement. The replacement form ask me for a Reseller ID !!???.

I am an end user!!!

Frankly I am thinking to not continue to buy WD disk because of a so bad support. (I already buy 6 disks of 2 TB)

If somebody can help me to repair this disk, thanks in avance.

You can jumper pins 7 and 8 (you will want to do this prior to placing data on the drive) and the drive will be aligned when you create a partition.  It also sounds like you may need to get a BIOS update due to some of the problems you are having.