Install Transmission 2.82 on My Book Live

I’m using a My Book Live 3TB freshly updated to Firmware 02.43.09-038 : Core F/W

I installed Transmission using the Guide for Transmission 2.77 found on this board. 

This script will always just install the latest version available in OptWare (Currently 2.82)

Transmission 2.82 is 18 months old. It still works fine on this My Book LIve, but  Newer versions include some important fixes, but I have no idea how to update to the latest version. 

Can I find some PPC binaries on the interenet somewhere and just copy them onto my NAS? Are all PPC binaries the same, or do I need some specifically made for the MBL’s processor?

Thanks for sharing

Will be good if you include on the post that this procedures are not supported by WD and that it will void the warranty on the unit.