Install software on WD My Cloud


I have a question, How to install a software on WD My Cloud? I am using WD my Cloud for my music collection and I am planning to install a software call Kazoo Server ( to play and manage my music collection. I use Mac to run everything.  

Any suggestion, Thank you


Kazoo is only available for Windows, Mac and x86 architecture QNAP servers.  So there’s no official Linn build for the MyCloud.

I’m not sure if Kazoo is open source like Kinsky is, but if it is, you might be able to build an image for the MyCloud. There’s a thread here somewhere about how to build images for v4 firmware.

I have used Kinsky with the Twonky server, but Kinsky has a bug that prevents playlists advancing, introduced at some point in the development; there are a couple of threads about it on the Linn forum.