Install problem with smartware and a new MyBook

How I can delete the WD smartwareprogram , including WD manager and other maps, from my computerdrive? (C: drive -windows7 - x64 program). I’ve had a problem with my old book and now I’ve a new book. But before I want to install the book I want to delete the old program,
because its tells me that it’s impossible to recover because some parts, like WD drive manager, of the program are still open. When I try starting from my computer windows 7, including Internet Expl. gives a problem.

Answer id 5373 from 07/20/2011 doesn’t work. “WD drive manager will not close”!

Can you open Computer and then click on “Uninstall or change a program” at the top and remove the software that way?

Yes, and when I try to delete WD smartware it comes after an few seconds  with the answer “WD drive manager will not close”! Shut the program and try it again

Go into task manager and end the process WDDMStatus.exe and WDDMService.exe prior to uninstall.