Install Plex Server on MyCloud (Standard)?

Hi all,
I recently bought the MyCloud so I could enjoy my video library without having to keep my laptop always on. I then realized that apps are not officially compatible with this device.

I managed to enable the “Add app” button in the apps tab by changing the hidden CSS property with firebug.
From there I can manually install apps. So I downloaded Plex Media server apps from Plex website but none worked. I tried the MyCloud Mirror Gen1 and 2 version as well as Synology ARMv7 version.

Does somebody know if there is one version that would work or if somebody compiled a version that would work with this device (firmware v 2.x)?

I can’t help with Plex, but I can say that I have tried many media player client apps that work perfectly well with the Twonky DLNA media server built in to the MyCloud.

And Kodi can access media on the MyCloud via SMB or DLNA.

I do have a vague recollection of someone successfully installing and running Plex on v4 firmware, but deciding it simply wasn’t up to the job due to the limited processor performance (certainly not for transcoding). Search the forums and you’ll probably find it.

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Yes, that’s true, I can access the files from Kodi on my Android TV but as I have a Plex account I wanted to be able to use it. I also find Plex interface a lot better and more useful.

I spent last 2 days searching the forum for that. Saw some topics about Plex but none for my version

What “apps” are you using or looking at that are not “officially compatible” with this device (I assume you mean the My Cloud)?

All one needs is a DLNA client and they can access, through the local network, the embedded media server within the My Cloud (Twonky).

The problem with using Plex on the My Cloud is that transcoding, a major feature of Plex, is not officially supported due to the low powered hardware used on the My Cloud. See the Plex NAS Compatibility Guide for more information on the limitations of Plex on the various WD My Cloud models.

While the following post is for the v4.x My Cloud it may possibly give pointers on how to possibly install Plex on a v2.x My Cloud using SSH.

I think blusole was talking about server apps to run on the MyCloud, not clients apps running on iOS, android, etc.

That thread is the one I was thinking about, where JonathonMcAlroy succeeded in installing Plex, but concluded the MyCloud simply wasn’t up to it.

Yes that is right. I was talking about apps that you can install on higher end MyCloud devices (Mirror, Ex).
Also as I found a way to manually install from UI, I thought if a compiled version exists I maybe didn’t need to SSH into it.

I saw this thread and as it was for firmware v4.x I discarded it. Also because it’s about Wheezy as v2.x firmware is running Busybox (if I’m not mistaken).

Will take a closer look at it this weekend. I wanted to see it by myself if performance was not great :slight_smile:

I use mycloud for th media storage and setup a raspberry pi 3 ($35).
That works pretty well.

Ok, tell me more about it. I am really considering doing the same.
That or removing the HDD and plugging it into a Synology case. Still hasn’t made my choice…

Look into using Kodi ( on any number of low cost Android devices/boxes or the Raspberry PI devices.