Install My Passport Essential SE on a New PC

The My Passport Essential SE was on my original PC. Bought a new PC. Question is, should the My Passport Essential SE be reformatted after transferring what files I transfer to the new PC before installing the new Smartware software on the new PC?



You don’t need to reformat the drive to create a new backup. 

Please note that a backup is having the same information on two different places.

Thanks for you reply ERmorel. So I assume when I plug in the My Passport to the new PC, after Windows recognizes it, you install the Smartware software on the new machine and then you set up the new backup? Does it just create a new folder for the new backup or does it overwrite the old backup in its folder?

Hi there, the way that the Smartware works is that create a different folder for each computer that you backup.

Thank you lluna_polanco!