Install My Cloud Home firmware on My Cloud EX2

Would it be possible to update the device to the new My Cloud Home platform? I can see why WD might not want to do that for some of their devices from a technical standpoint (not having the necessary hardware) but the EX2 is pretty comparable. I can also see why they wouldn’t want to do it from a business standpoint (make us buy another device).

What can I do to get the firmware updated to the My Cloud Home version?

First, see the dedicated subforum for the EX2 device. This subforum is generally for the single bay/single drive My Cloud which is different than the EX2.

Second, generally it is officially not possible to install one My Cloud model’s firmware on a different My Cloud model. Often the hardware is different and there are different features from one model to the next. Unofficially who knows, with the single bay My Cloud models it is possible to hack the model’s firmware to enable features or replace the firmware entirely with something different.

Are you sure you want to?

MyCloud Home is a very different beast, not an upgrade on the MyCloud family. You might check out some of the early threads on the MyCloud Home forum, where its shortcomings were identified. e.g.