Install My Book Live in Lion

Pls shed some light on this

Just purchased a My Book Live 2 TB and trying to install for the first time on a Mac OS X 10.7.2

The CD is not read by the Mac. How do I install it? I have no way of seeing the drive as well

Pls help, cant be asked to return it

Use Binjour to access the drives webpage.

Please note that Lion is the Vista of Mac Operating Systems - you might want to consider upgrading (as it is a huge step up, despite being older) to Snow Leopard if your planning on using your mac with any hardware or software not made by Apple.

Just a quick question…I am a bit unfamiliar with Apple Operating Systems, but trying to help a friend.  You mentioned in your post to consider upgrading from Lion to Snow Leopard, but didn’t Snow Leopard come before Lion?



Lion came later, but it’s considered the “vista” of Apple OS’s. Just like people “Upgraded” back to XP after Vista came out, they are doing the same with Lion/Snow Leopard.