Install games

Is it possible to install a simple game on the My Cloud Home harddrive, so that anyone I have invited can play it?

It is not recommended as WD has not tested the drive with games. It is purposely made for novice users to store the data in it.

If somehow, you install the game in the drive you will find lag while playing and moreover, My Cloud Home requires internet connection, therefore, you need to get it connected with the internet and platform to run and My Cloud Home cannot provide such platform.

I also tried to install a different way, to be able to play but is not possible. I have some friends that know a lot about computers, and it is not recommended. Somehow I found only it is possible to install it, but it will not work or will be impossible to play it there. Recently I found that it is possible to buy rocket league items, took some items, and was looking to install this game this way to be able to play with my friends, but was advised not to do this.

Yes, you definitely can. I don’t see any problem here. You just need to have a premium and licensed account of the game you are willing to install. This is what I personally did when I was playing league of legends with my friends. I did just buy a league of legends account and transferred it to my cloud storage. Everything worked smoothly, without any problems. We played the whole summer like that. Hope my message will be helpful for you. In case there is something else I can help you with, feel free to text me.

Installing games on a hard drive can be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely possible. You’ll need to make sure that the game is compatible with your My Cloud Home hard drive and that you have enough space to install it.

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