Install firmware update via ssh?

I have a My World Book WDH1NC10000. 

I have NEVER been able to update the firmware - still stuck with 01.01.08.  Following the manual update procedure just doesn’t work - same goes with the automated updates.

My device is useless for backing up my Mac with Time Machine - can’t even access the drive - useless.

WD have never offered me any solution to this.

So, can anyone offer me any advice on how to update my firmware.   Is it possible to install a firmware update via SSH for instance?  If so, how?

Many thanks,


I have tried to do the update on a Windows machine - appears to update but does not.  Restarting the drive results in the old firmware from 2009 still being in situ.


Please note this is not supported by Western Digital and can negatively affect your device. Extreme caution is recommended.

So - how do I update my firmware.  Can nobody at WD actually help their customers.  Really?

Hi, I have the same problem. I have a a MBW WD20000H1NC-00 and cannot get the firmware to update.

Can any one please help?

in order to upgrade,

SSH in


echo -n 01.01.16 >/etc/version


are you serious?

why not 03.14.159 ?

Once the command is run then you can run the update;

or manual update.