Install extra RAM?

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Before I open up to try and have a look, does anyone know if the 256MB memory module is removable/exchangeable? And if so, what type of memory would fit?

I suspect the memory chips may be hardwired to the board, but if it’s not the case, I’d like to expand it to increase performance. I’m running the squeezebox server on it, and although it streams well, it gets very slow periodically when forced to swap and the load increases. I also have to shut down the web server (apache2) in order to get something approaching reasonable performance.

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unless you want to void the warranty and run the risk of killing the drive, I probably wouldn’t do it.

I would be willing to run the risk of voiding the warranty. The only question is if it would be possible.

Anyone please? This topic is still open.



No you cannot add extra RAM to the system. It is soldered to the motherboard and code is hardcoded to 256MBs of memory.

The answer is Yes,

You can replace the chip on the board in your own risk.

I have try one and working quite well

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