I think a system update causes me to lose SSH from my cloud home device
any easy fix ?


lose SSH on first reboot…
There’s a script (see JuJu second or third post) that need to send on Cron job on boot.

Write on PC and ADB push it.


Guys I am having troubling connecting to the NFS share. Linux workstation is saying unable to connect see image for details

any help is much appreciated

servers are both starting successfully


anyone managed to get openvpn-openssl to work with a vpn…cant ping mine


Hi guys, it may be a stupid question. But since we now have access via SSH is it possible to install OpenMediaVault?


i was having problems with entware then noted that we were using Arm7 version where as our processors are armv8 and arm64 compatible so changed to that one

wget -O - | sh


Hi, maybe someone was lucky to install transmission through entware?


transmisison works… but I cant get it to use the vpn via openvpn


I was able to install transmission, but as im noob in linux, i have no idea how to set up directories to download everything in main 4tb partition…


Hi AbuG,

Could you please share your steps to install or configure the transmission?

I have installed it, but the torrent always stop downloading at 99%. @_@



in the settings.json adjust the following parameters

download-dir": “/data/wd/diskVolume0/data/com.plexapp.mediaserver.smb/auth0|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/torrent”,

Incomplete torrents make as a sub-directory of it and again link in the settings.json


Does any one have problem with transmission then downloading big files or lets say full season of some series and after a while it shows that no space left on drive, sometimes resuming torrent helps sometimes not.