Install drive without Smartware

I did install Smartware The software doesn’t work in a way that I find acceptable. It is slow, consumes above average system resources & after a waiting many hours for a large (635GB) backup to complete discovered that it failed to backup some files for no apparent reason. I use internal WD drives without any problem. I have built a number of systems over the years and know when something isn’t right. Clearly this software falls short. I won’t use it.

The manual states that it is possible to install the drive using the Install Drive settings option so I retain password locking & labeling facility something I paid a premium for-is it possible to get these options using the updater?

If not I’ll just use the drive as a drive with the VCD disabled. 

You can use SmartWare to set up the physical drive label and password, etc.; then uninstall SmartWare, so it doesn’t encumber your pc.  However, if you want to make any of those physical changes to the drive, you will need to re-install SmartWare to do.