Install 3rd Party Software on My Book World Edition

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I would like to know if anyone have ever install any third party software onto the NAS.

I would like to install this FREE BubbleUPnp server onto my My Book World Edition. This server application can be installed onto a Window PC (Window version) but I do not want to have the PC switched on 24/7. The most ideal place would be to have it (NAS version) installed  onto a NAS. Unfortunately, I am not a expert on Linux nor WD provides any knowledge on how it can be down by ourselves.

This server application allow us to stream the media through the internet to our mobile phone and beam the content to any connected Renderer.


Hi, it is not possible to install 3rd party software on the my book.

yup… not possible :cry:

you can stream media like that with the My Book Live… 

you can consider getting one of those

Yes it is !!!

The best way for the non techie is to install feature packs.  This is not supported by WD.

Go to for more info.

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Wow, Thank you so much for the information. It save me a lot of troble to study the Linux cmmand.

The software package is really interesting and increase the functionality of the WD NAS.