Instability on iSCSI

Hello everyone, I have a My Cloud DL4100 and after the firmware update for version 2.30.165 started to present an instability, because I have a server with windows server 2012R2 that is running Hyper-V and the vms are located in the storage and Once a day the connection starts to get very slow and I have to restart the server to return to normal, I wonder if someone went through the same and what I can do, because before updating the firmware this problem was not happening. I think it might be something related to iSCSI because in the windows log it throws an error: “The target did not respond in time to a logon request.” With the source being informed “iScsiPrt”.
Has anyone gone through the same thing? Do you know what that might be?


I recommend you contact WD support about this.

Would be interesting to know what advise and solutions WD Support provide. Please do share what works.