Instability in updating a MS Excel / Office 2013 Spreadsheet

Help I’m trying to update some Spreadsheets made with Offices 2013’s Excell at my son’s small business.

I had a little problem connecting to the shares and seeing the file but I got over that, now it seems very slow and when I try to save the file back to it’s orrigional location, I get repeated requests to enter the share “username & Password”.

Why, surely I gave it to establish the connection and open the file ?

I’ve done it up to a dozen times, one after the other, so it appears not to accept my password.

Anybody got any clues ?

Bob.a:  Ignore WD-Fan.  He is telling you incorrect information, and does not know what he’s talking about.   I am sorry that you have to bear the brunt of his trolling.

The issue you’re encountering is how Microsoft Office interacts with WebDAV shares (which are how the WD 2go service connects via remote computers.)  The problem only exists in Office 2010 and later.

This is documented in a number of places, particularly in the My Book Live and My Book Live Duo forums.   There are a few posts that tell you how to modify the Apache configuration so that Office documents will work, but the impact to the overall security of how WD 2go works is not fully documented.

The easiest way around this is to use the My Cloud Desktop app instead of the website – just remember that you might have to re-save the edited document back to the Cloud.