Inserting usb wd 500 My essentials, and system run out of virtual memory

I have 8 gb of ram, 3 hd wd internal and an external 500 GB My Book Essentials … The outer one that worked up to before installing the new hd, on which I cloned the system is no longer recognized by the PC. (If I connect the laptop no problem!) The problem is that as soon as I connect, the 8 GB of RAM are consumed slowly and then going to swap hard drives up to 15 gb … obviously the PC becomes unusable! if I unplug the USB external HD, it should loop … that is the memory usage goes up to 100mb then back dealing again before the ram and then the hd. Same thing for a couple of times … then returns as before. When I insert the USB cable, the blue LED is not flashing alternating, one on and one down, but stays on just one. but if I leave it connected (even when Windows starts) the msg comes out of virtual memory exhausted and increase of the same … What has happened?

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