Insert link broken

When trying to Insert a link in a post, if you select the text then click on “Insert /edit link” you get this:


The text is not automatically inserted into the “Link Text” box and there is no longer a drop down box for “Target” so that you can chose whether to open in the same window or a new window.

Also, if you add the Link Text, then Insert and continue from typing from that point forward, it add the new text to the link text.  

This only recently started happening.

Using Firefox Nightly ( and Google Chrome.

The same thing happens to me with FF 14 and Chrome 21.  What is your OS, and Chrome version?  I filed a ticket for it.

Same thing here… Thought I wasn’t remembering correctly.

I use Chrome 21.0.1180.79 m on Windows 7.

It does NOT appear to be broken in IE8.

No, it wasn’t. However, I filed a support ticket.  They already knew about it and had it fixed.  They rolled the fix into our platform last night.  So, it should be fixed.  I tested it and it was on my FF and Chrome.


Make sure you clear your browser cache or it won’t look like it’s working in Chrome.