Insert a USB drive with firmware to recover your WDTV

So after my player had to be replaced for a third time due to HDMI failure, I received the replacement late last week with instant problems. For some reason the navigation was ridiculously slow and all of my files in the menu kept bunching up on each other unless I had the highlighted cursor directly over to the right hand side. I noticed on here that there was a new Firmware update so I followed the instructions and installed. After the player rebooted it became stuck on the start up screen for an hour so I finally gave up, rebooted and tried again. Now the unit is stuck on the black screen mentioned in the title of this thread. I have tried rolling back to other versions to no avail as the player is still stuck on this black screen. I’m going to be seriously pissed if Western Digital has managed to ruin another player for me. 

Any suggestions on how this can be fixed without having to send back a fourth player?

If you are getting  a replacement, I assume you mean as a warranty and must be talking about a gen3 Live STREAMING.  If that is the case then there are TWO reboots during firmware upgrade. If you removed power between reboots, I believe you may have corrupted the flashing process. Alternatly there may actuall be something wrong with the HDMI cable or device you connecting to.  Remove power from the WD Live and try connecting to whatever display using the composit video just to verify if the WD is really booting or not.  If it boots using composity check the video settings in setup on the off chance they are manually set to an incompatible resolution or refresh rate.

None of what you said even applies to my problem. And I know there are two reboot, I have done a firmware update with this player before. 

So how do you know if the player is hanging on boot or just not sending a signal out the HDMI unless you check the composit out?

Because the player is working fine through the HDMI, hence why I can see this screen. 

Sorry my bad the “Now the unit is stuck on the black screen mentioned in the title of this thread.” did not sink into my head and I was picturing just a plain black screen.

OK one small question. Is the version number or did you edit the version number in the .ver file on the usb to be higher than the presently installed firmware? you can change it to something like 2.13.13 so that the firmware install process thinks you have a newer version.  If that doesnt help then sorry for wasting you time

If it’s in firmware recovery mode, the VER file modification is not necessary.  

It will attempt to load ANY valid firmware on the USB disk.

If you haven’t tried it already, try a USB stick that’s empty, formatted as FAT32 then put the firmware files on it.

It takes ages for me to reply on here now as most times I try to login a message reads that the login has encountered an error and to please try again later. Bloody ridiculous.

Anyway, I managed to save my box by taking your advice and using an empty USB stick to upload the new firmware. Brilliant. Unfortuantely, the box is still really sluggish to load up and just naviagte generally. Its a problem I can live with but also really annoying as the previous players that I owned never had this issue. Any advice?