Initializing failure

I have a My Book 2TB essential external hard drive that I have been trying with no luck to install. The problem is that in computer management (Windows7) it shows up as dsk 02 ,Unkown, Initialize, with no format bar. When I right-click on initialize in the Wizard box I get a message that tells me “NOT READY”. I contacted WD and they had me download a program to write zeros across the disk. I did that successfully and tried to initialize again but wound up with the same “not ready” message. Can someone out there help me with this? You would think in this day and age it would be a simple thing to get a piece of machinery like this working. I’m seriously thinking about taking this product back and trying a product from another company since this one has frustrated me so much and wasted so much of my time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If this is a new product and it’s doing that, then I would return it immediately. The drive has been damaged somehow (either in shipping or handling).  A new external My Book drive should not require any kind of initializing to work.  It should simply startup when you connect the power and USB cable, install drivers (which Windows does automatically), and present you with an Autorun window (or ask you if you want to install software).