Initializing Error for My Passport--Please help in remote part of Kenya

Hi All:

I’ve spent the last 2 hours using up all my internet credit and time to troubleshoot why My passport will NOT show up on My Computer.  Let me tell you why my case might be different than the others on this board.

  • I tried with 2 computers, nada.  
  • I did not drop it
  • I have only had it for 1 month and used it once
  • I have the short cables
  • I can see it under DEVICE Manager 
  • I cannot see it under Disk Management on one computer 
  • I can see it under DISK management on another computer but cannot change the name of the path as I get the Intializing error.  
  • I tried to download EaseUS Data Recovery and it did not help

I made the misake of uploading a few recent pictures files from my trips directly to the HD and not backing it up on my computer.  I wouldn’t mid reformatting if it weren’t for those files. I have pictures of my volunteer acitivies, the children, the camps, etc.  I really do not want to lose it as they mean a lot to me! (I didn’t think after one month this silly thing would act up!)

I’m at a loss. I read everything on the web imaginable and cannot find a solution. 

Anything you can offer me as I’m in a remote part of Kenya with no access to the “geek squad”

I’m rather savy with the computer but I feel like a total moron right now.

Thanks in advanced. 

The partition is really messed up if not able to initialize, however, stop trying to do that since you want the data and initializing will destroy it.

You u can try other options to restore the files.

Try using Test Disk this might allow you to repair and mount the partition.

There are other software available and most of the good ones are not free