Initialized Hard Drive with SmatWare

As posted in many other places, the USB port on my external hard drive broke in February. Last month I took my hard drive to my local Best Buy, and the genius (not in a good way) initialized my hard drive, after I told him that I had close to 800 gigs of stuff on it (pictures, video files, music). What I would like to know is, if there is any way to recover the data from the hard drive, even if it encrypted by SmartWare?

I’m also going to see if I rearrange the broken port and sloder it back on the board, to see if it will work.

Please someone reply to my inquiry. Thank you very much.


If the drive has been initialized most likely you won’t be able to recover your data, however data recovery companies might recover some information.

The thing is, I want to do the data recovery myself. I don’t have the $$ to have someone else do it. Know of any data recovery software (preferably full versions available for download) that I can use to get the job done?

I had a similar problem and I used Test Disk to pull data. It was able to get the right size of data back, but they were all in weird file formats and I was never able to get them into a readable form. Mine messed up when someone did something on a Mac though, maybe you’ll have an easier time since yours was messed up on a PC. I would start there and see if it can find any files. There is a pretty good tutorial on the website. Good luck.