Initial Safepoint help!

Hello.  If anyone could help with this I would appreciate it.  I have had a hard time setting up my new 3TB My Cloud, network connectivity and first wave of saving files to it was no problem. But I have a different login for my Dashboard than I do for the My Cloud drive on my laptop and I am not sure why.  Then I go to the Safepoint to create one and it wants a Share Login and I have absolutely no idea what that could be. But it seems not to be any of my other logins.  How do I get or create a login for that?  Thanks.


Welcome to the WD Community.

Where are you trying to create the safepoint? Is that a private share?

Well, if I am following the steps correctly, it appears I am trying to create a safepoint on my laptop. Then I have options for various drives (ADMIN$, C$, D$, etc.) and at the bottom of that list is an option to select “Users”. When I do that, I enter the username and password for the main User on My Cloud and nothing happens.  Should I do something else or enter the username for a Share instead?

I assume that if I have all of my actual files backed up on both the My Cloud and an external hard drive, that maybe a Safepoint isn’t necessary?  Thanks.