Initial Response time


  1. Too Slow to wake up. Initial response time, you wait a long time to see the share. Is there no Caching?

  2. Error: “A file name can’t contain any of the following characters:”
    NOT a problem with the Microsoft OS. File name chars ARE correct and can eventaully be applied. Try a filename like “1942 - Blah blah blah - 5.pdf”

  3. DLNA must apply to ALL drives/shares/volumes? Cannot have just a share for Music or Videos for DLNA?

  4. Backup feature exrememly limited, No time set, runs immediately, doesn’t tell you when it is done. Better to drag & drop from a PC.

  5. Cannot upgrade memory

  6. No way to tell the drives to spin 24x7 (in hopes of speeding up initail response time)

  7. Apparently, the “Public” share cannot be removed and must exist.

Firmware Version : 5.09.115
Using 4 New WD 2TB RED drives set up in RAID 10
Cloud Services disabled.

Was unable to register product on website “Sorry but this action cannot be completed at this time”

@Kerry61 You are in the wrong sub-forum. See Network Attached Storage (NAS) OS3 or OS5.

Is it in the correct place now?


I had to re-format my raid ( was not able to backup public due to a bad file ) and because of the ( Public is required it can not be deleted ) ( I was going to put it back )

but in your case just make a new share and don’t use the original

I think i used a direct link to register my units

  1. I guess we now know why the NAS wakes up each hour
  2. remind me which are the characters not to use- that trips my up all the time in (Mac-Pc-Unix )
  3. yes timed backups are a feature as for many times
  4. Some of my other WD nas unit allow more memory

try a direct link to register - I too had a problem

Turn off drive sleep in energy settings, works for me in PR4100 so no reason why EX4100 should be any different. That should also take care of slow initial response.

I just turned off the sleep in energy savings and hopefully it will solve some problems.

Example of a file name that gives me problems:
When I change:
1991 - KEC Semiconductor Catalog Xref.pdf
I get the Error: “A file name can’t contain any of the following characters:”
After several attempts, I can get the name to stick.

Thanks, I will not use the Public share for anything, and there are 2 other shares that I did not create myself.

I was hoping to Set my “Music” and “Videos” shares for DLNA, but not my much larger share. Apparently it’s all shares or none.

My old Buffalo NAS did allow me to set individual shares for DLNA, and I never had the “A file name can’t contain any of the following characters:” error.

But the Buffalo interface was terrible, and when one of it’s RAID 1 drives failed, I was able to accidentally wipe out the remaining drive during the recovery.
So I switched to WD.