Initial install can't create account

I’ve just bought the WD MyCloud 2TB and have it connected to my router.  I got the blue light, and clicked next.  Then it asks for the First Last name etc.

I input my first last name, email, and then say for it to register.  After i click next it thinks, but then pops up a message saying account could not be created.  Then it says keep trying?

Any idea what’s causing this?  Anyone else experienced this?

If I recall correctly, you can dismiss this setup. By default, there would be on an admin account with no password.


Can’t skip the step.  I can opt not to do the email address for accessing files “outside” the home.  But I still keep hitting the error.

“There was a problem creating your user account.  But don’t give up! Just try again.”

Can’t you close the window or something… I am pretty sure I was able to go around this window, but maybe it is not possible for the very first setup…

What if you access the ip address of the NAS directly in the browser?

Issue resolved. 

I called a tech, and he described a way to install the program that was COMPLETELY different than the instructions.

Instead of downloading the software he had me go to the network, and right click on the storage Mycloud.  Then I went to the device webpage.  From there we were able to get everything set up.