Initial Config stop on 94%


my new WDSentinel DX4000 stop responding in Initial Config at 94%  since one hour , any suggestion ?


I am sure as soon as I hit send, I will be able to see your picture, but it does not show up now.

Not sure, but I would try to wait it out.

PS:  Like I said, now you image shows up  LOL

Well I clicked on your name and found your picture.

Never seen one hang there.  I am thinking/hope it actually completed setup and just did not update in your browser.

What does the LCD show?  Servername and IP?

Can you remote to the desktop?  start/run/mstsc

If you open another browser http://servername/connect   does it offer up the connector software?

i restart my pc and whait other 30min and boom…

every thing working.

Good deal, thanks for letting us know.