Initial Back Up Frozen

I am just doing the initial full category back up from PC the My Book Live 2TB. The blue & white status bar has stopped at ‘140.06 of 171.36 copied’. I have tried stopping the back up & restarting and re-booted PC & restarted but nothing changes. Any help would be apprecited!

If the backup cannot be completed you will see the “partial backup accomplished” message, if you see that message, check if you have any programs that might be using the files that you are trying to backup. Also check if you have the latest version of smartware installed. 

Thanks for your response. I have since contacted the support team and they suggested I initially reformat the drive, then start again but use the ‘file back up’ rather than the ‘category back up’. I did this and it has worked fine.

But is ‘file backup’ what you wanted to do? It would seem to me that you have compromised what you wanted to do in the first place.