Initial Back up for new Hard Drive installation - Checking to see if everything was backed up

I’m getting a new Hard Drive (old one was problematic), so purchased a 500G My Passport Essential Exterior Hard Drive. I just did an initial back up so I can put everything back on my C: Drive once the new Hard Drive is installed. I want to check to see that my program files such as Quicken data, HP printer data, Outlook mail, calendar data, other user accounts that are on my C: Drive are actually copied onto Passport. How can I check to make sure everything from my computer was backed up? Thanks!

Well is not going to backup " everything "

the software will only backup supported files

HP printer data and calendar I’m not sure but quicken and mail is included

also, it will only backup the user account that is on use when the software runs…

If you want to backup everything you can create a disk image with Windows Backup

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