Inital Set Up Problems

While running the initial set up (server was about 5% completed) I made the mistake of leaving the room.  When I returned the server was off because the power strip had been tripped.  I reinitiated the start up and the DX4000 is stuck on LOADING OS  PLEASE WAIT…  Been like that for 45 minutes now.

Any suggestions?

Please wait :slight_smile:

I dunno, but actually some have reported waiting 24 hours and saw stuff happening. 

So while you are waiting go ahead and download the iso if you decide to start over and go get a ups.

Ran the recovery, everything loaded and worked and I set up the dashboard.  Now I have “Low Capacity” and “Backup Failed” messages.  Ideas?  This is a brand new out of the box server and nothing is running correctly.  Server then runs a “Repair” and still cannot resolve the Low Capacity and Backup Failed. 

Not sure what you mean by “setup the dashboard”.  There is no setup, it just works?

Sounds to me like your shares are not on the d: partition

You should have like a 60gb C: and D: should have the rest of the space.  in a 4 tb box it is about 1.75 tb

d: should have the shares if you open the dashboard, then click server folders and hard drives, then folders, all those should say d:\serverfolders\etc

When the system tripped the power and you started up again it sounds like the RAID started a verify and rebuild. That can take a long time if it is also trying to load the OS. And like Gramps stated it sounds like the RAID rebuild / Verify did not complete successfully on D and all your shares on C:[drive] ---- Ouch


Rum and Coke all around, Capt’s orders.

Pulled the hard drives and ran Windlg Diagnostic to test them.  Guess what 2 out of 4 failed and were shot.  Got a RMA, CDW-G sent me a new server and this one started and runs without any problems.

well pooh it was bad

yea you got a good one now

thanks for letting us know