Infrared won't work on the WD Live Box

I thought the remote was broken, so I downloaded the app to my smart phone but it still won’t work. Someone told me the infrared was gone on the unit itself…first I ever seen this happen. Does anyone know of a way to still use the WD Live to stream movies? I hate to spend another 200 on a new unit. Thanks

Try a usb keyboard / mouse.

What Player do you have. Does the remote app recognize your player.

Test your remote using a digital camera. Look at the IR led at the front and press a button. You should see the led light up.

The remote app should still work if your IR was faulty on the unit as it uses wifi to connect.

Is your box at the very latest firmware (1.06.34)?  I think that’s the only version that supports the smartphone app.

The keyboard works, but not an optimal solution. The company said to try another remote, do you know where I could find another remote? Thanks

I will try to hook it into the internet to do a firmware update so I will be able to try my smart phone. I have asked where to purchase a new remote, I have to check to see if mine still works. Thanks

One place to look for a replacement remote is from the manufacturer – WD. – they have an online store as part of their main website:

Now, you have posted in the forum for the older WDTV Live, and if this is the unit you have look at this remote for sale:

If you have the newer WDTV Live (from the last year or two), then look here:

You can most likely tell which one you need by the picture of the remote on the two pages above.

just a tidbit … the newer remote works fine on older WDTV devices (i have used it on my WDTV Live [Gen1] and even older WDTV HD Media Player [1st Gen … the old Black One] )

Just saying … in case the older remotes are “out of stock”