Information required regarding Cloud features

I am working for a car rental company and my boss wants to convert all of the companies expense, sales invoices into soft copy which can be easily accessed by our employees in different branches using the WD cloud.My task is to scan all the invoices and achieve them using an easy to use data management system so that we can easily access the files whenever we want them. Hence, I was searching for a suitable data management system which is compatible with the cloud.
Kindly let me know which DMS are compatible with the cloud and easy to set up.

Hmm, I would not use this product for a mid-size or larger company. This is a home device not really design for the enterprise. At least it is my personal opinion.
I would look into office365 business and/or Google Docs business.

Also, do not forget to look into a backup solution and/or find a solution which also provides it.

Also look into the

What type of DMS are you looking for? One that runs on the local computer or one that runs from a web server?

The My Cloud are basically a network attached storage device. Think hard drive that is network accessible. The lower end/cost My Cloud units are designed and marketed to the home user or small home office user. They are NOT designed for enterprise type use where one can install their own web applications like DMS apps.

You can download and read the My Cloud User Manual from the WD website to get a feel for what options and features each of the My Cloud models have.

If you are looking to use a DMS that runs from the local computer then so long as it can access a network attached storage device (NAS) one could use the My Cloud to store the files. If you are looking for a web server based DMS one would have to review the DMS system requirements to see if the various My Cloud models hardware is supported then figure out how to install that DMS to the My Cloud’s internal web server system.

I don’t think that MyCloud is suitable for enterprise use. It is intended for home use, and IMO will choke badly with the type access you’re describing. The MyCloud is really not a web or database server.

Check out the DL series for SOHO