Information - connection lost on mybookworld


I encountered a severe problem after buying a Windows 8 machine : connection with mybookworld was sytematically lost after a few seconds using NAS mapped or not mapped + accessing files (read or write).

My Windows XP computer didn’t make such a problem.

I’ve found few help reading the forums, but no reported simple solution and explanation…

After 2 weeks of problems, I think I’'ve solved it !

My solution was to disable WIFI from my BOX/router. Althought my NAS wasn’t WIFI, the association Windows 8 (64 bits) + Box Modem ADLS/Router (Freebox) + MyBookWorld made this problem happen.

In forums I read about a problem of MTU but I can’t set them neither on the box, nor on the NAS :

Hope this helps someone and perhaps anybody could give us a nice technical explanation !


Thanks for sharing