Information about Network Shares (SMP Gen3)

I have 3x WDTV SMP V3 boxes and I’m using a simple Win7 home premium PC as a media server. I use network shares to connect and this works great. Recently I had a problem where I would get “invalid username or password” errors even though I knew the username and password was correct. i had a look on this forum and it seems that a lot of people have this kind of issue. I found out why (sort of) and thought I would share this with others.

When I loaded new material onto the server this was when I had the problem (not so obvious at the time). When I rebooted the PC all was fine and the WDTV boxes could all connect simultanously and correctly. If I put so much as 1 new file onto the shares I had the problem again. 

now for the speculation. I have setup a wdtv account with a simple “wd” password (doesn’t matter if you know this !) which all the WDTV boxes have. I have also setup the permissions and security on the root folder with full control (probably only needs read) and windows should propagate these permissions to all files and subfolders. When you add a new file perhaps this doesn’t happen efficiently or correctly. also, maybe win7 considers that if you don’t have permissions to 1 file then you don’t have permissions to any file as a safety net.  a Win7 reboot might force the issue and cause the new files to be correctly tagged with the correct permissions. but what do I know…

I am no guru but I hope this helps someone. These boxes seem to work great with network sharing as far as I can see. The above might be specific to win7 as well. I know there are bugs with SMB version2 so it might be another issue with win7.

This issue maybe caused by something else.  I have a Windows 7 PC that I access as a Network Share and was not necesarry to create a new user.  I add files to my share, almost everyday, without permission issues.

Actually as I think about it more, I can get to the Win7 shares from other PC’s without issue. Maybe the WDTV boxes are not doing something properly although there have been many cases where because a manufacurer follows a standard strictly they have problems  so Win7 to Win7 doesn’t prove they haven’t done something wrong ! 

One difference : do you place new files onto your media server from another PC or do you work directly on the media server itself ? (I use another PC to access the shares).

Thanks for your information.