Information about compatibilty for HD vid file from camera


i am in a community of photographs and we want to buy one or more WD TV HD media player to see our HD video on HD TV

the cameras are :

  • sony tx5. hd video file. MPEG-4 codec msnv bvop 1280x720 at 29,9 im/s ace@L4. file are .mp4

do you know if WD TV HD will read this files directly ?

same question for a canon 7D wich make hd video files. MPEG-4 avc baseline@L5 1980x1020 file are . MOV

do you know if i can read this files directly on a WD TV HD reader ?

thanks for your respons


I know the WDTV reads .mp4, however you need to make sure of the codecs.

I was checking the WD website and found the user guide all the supported formats and codecs are listed. Check the link below: