Information about a bug on WD TV a support read this please!

hi, i want to buy a WD TV LIVE on amazon this christmas. and i readed this review. is this true ? or is just another stupid guy 

please if its true i hope you fix this bug before that date :smiley:

Ok - So I’ve now owned the original WDTV, the 1st gen WDTV Live and now the new WDTV Live (gen. 2) - If anyone has had the "“spinning wheel of death” issue with their WDTV LIVE YOU KNOW HOW MADDENING THIS IS AND WD STILL HAS NOT ISSUED A PROPER FIX FOR THIS! 
It’s been a total deal-killer for the last WDTV we had so I figured I’d give this company one more shot and buy the new one in the hopes they have fixed this or there was some aging issue with the old ones that caused it. Well same exact problem. 
What happens: You watch a movie or show, works fine, then anytime after you select another movie or show (or if the device is just left on) and you go to watch something and hit “ok” to start, the device just hangs for eternity and you see the spinning circle icon like it’s “working” - but nothing happens. The only fix is to get up, pull the plug, and let the thing reset. Then you can watch one more movie, then you have to do it again. I love these devices but this has been so maddening - I think this one;'s going back ASAP. 
If WDTV support ever reads this PLEASE FIX THIS!!! 
Also important to note I have tried all of the following (as so may others have online / forums to no avail) : 

  1. Tired deleting “wdtv___” file from drive and letting it reindex - NO FIX 
  2. Tried hard reset, pin hole reset, power cycling - NO FIX 
  3. tried downgrading firmware -NO FIX 
  4. I have tried just using videos off of an external plugged in via USB (vs. from my ReadyNAS DUo on network) - NO FIX 
  5. I tried JUST using network videos (NAS) and no USB drive plugged in - NO FIX 
  6. I tried disabling “share on network” - NO FIX 
  7. I tried connecting as “network share” vs. “media server” - NO FIX

… I want to like this device and keep it - I’m giving WD support a few days to respond and then it’s going back in the box and will be returned!

I don’t know if that person is just stupid or not… :wink:

But I don’t believe ANYONE has had that much problem with the box.

Yes, the symptom described does happen to some people, but certainly not as often as that reviewer says.

The only thing I can think of that would cause that many problems is if he has REALLY BAD media files.

The “Renderer” process on these boxes can crash if fed a file that causes problems.   It’s documented in WD’s Knowledge Base.

I, for one, have had every media player made by WD since the Live, and have NEVER had that issue.

Before MKV Header Compression was fixed, it would happen, but it was a well-known issue and easy to correct the media.