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I have recently purchased mybookLiveduo 4TB and connected to the network. i have 6 computers want to let them backup on this network storage, so i created a new share for each computer and protected with user and password for each to meet up maximum security.

When i am trying to add the backup plan in WD backup anywhere, I’m adding the full network path in the filed, but, because it is protected, then it can’t accept this network share!! and gives explaination mark… then nothing!!

how i can define the username and password for this share when making the backup plan? is it possible anyway or it is not available if the share is protection!? if share should be public in order to backup on the network, then how to meet any kind of security at all!?

second part of my issue is the premium version of WD backup anywhere,

1- does this support defining uername and password for the share? as said above?

2- is this 50 dollars license can be used for all my 6 computers or only for one computer?

3- this paid amount 49 dollars, does need annual renewal or it is just one time payment?

Hello Mate,

Take a look to this link below:

thanks but yet nothing answered my question!

how to backup on secured wd network storage/share - like with username and password? never asked for username and password if entered the full path of the share… but works if the share doesn’t have username and password! 

what about the license issue and the users quantitiy?

what about the official WD support? they suppsed to answer all requets in 24 hours it is now almost 5 working days!

actually WD suport answered my old question about the license and the backup on secured share on WD network… but? when I’m mounting the secured drive on windows xp it does not save the information and for me asking for username and passwrd most the times after pc restart… this is because we are into windows domain enviornment? or because of windows xp dealing with secured shared drives as mounted or mapped network drives? please advise.