Info Bar


When starting a movie for the first time, usually, info bar doesn’t indicate the movie lenght. It stays on the screen all time and the unit stops responding the remote. The solution is to unplug the power and restart unit.

Starting the movie again the problem does not repeat. It happens both with local drives or networkshares.

This is a known issue or it’s my problem?

Using 1.04.22. Don’t want to upgrade to 1.04.31 because the brightness issue mentioned here.


WD just released the new firware today try it and post on this thread below

Resolved playback problem where the info bar does not hide in DVD on pause/resume/chapter skip.

Not talking aboot WDTV Live Plus. I’m talking about WDTV Libe and firmware 1.04.22. I don’t have any problem with infobar on pause/resume/chapter Skip. It only happens when starting a movie for the first time.

Is this a known issue?


Is anybody aware of this issue?

Personally, I’ve never seen it happen on my unit. When starting a show, it may take a second or so for the length of it to show up and it often appears just as the info bar is disappearing, but I have no issues with the info staying up or the uinit freezing. Have you tried a reset?

FWIW - I’m running the latest formware and do not notice any brightness issues (I know many others do though). You can always try it and see if it resolves your other problems, then downgrade if necessary.