Infinite startup loop. firmware upgrade failed

my mycloud dl2100 was working fine for many many years. last time i checked, it did a firmware update and never started up again. its flashing blue, with fans very loud. it does this for a few minutes then powercycles and repeats the process again.

its been going on for hours and Im suspecting the last firmware update failed.

how do I recover it to a previous known working firmware, perhaps using a USB stick?

Please help. A lot of important files are on this drive.

Have you resolved this issue? I have the same problem, getting a restart after 4-5 minutes infinitely. The power light button doesn’t work, just the blue display and the fans. Ethernet appears not to be working either.

No i do not have a solution yet. I am scheduling an appointment with WD Tech support. I will let you know the outcome of the call once i speak with them.

Same problem here with no working solution. Slow blinking blue led on the power button and then it power cycles itself. Nothing can change that it seems and it doesn’t show up on the network.